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5 Significant Benefits of Installing CCTV For Residential, Small and Medium Commercial Enterprises

Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, security and surveillance have become essential aspects to ensure the safety of people and property. Installing a CCTV system is crucial with increasing burglaries and crime rates. It even benefits business owners to have a clear overview of the day-to-day operations. CCTV systems are suitable for any residential or commercial property, including hotels, car dealerships, construction sites, schools, parking lots, warehouses, showrooms, retail outlets, and more.  

Types of CCTV cameras  

Before diving into the detailed benefits of a CCTV system, let’s look at the types of cameras used for various types of properties.  

    • Analog HD cameras  
      SC-21BL Classic CCTV Analog HD Camera
      These are traditional cameras used in a CCTV System. Analog HD cameras come with basic features and decent video quality. They are connected to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with the help of co-axial cables to capture video data. They are an affordable option that best suits residential and small businesses.


    • IP Camera  
      TVSE SC-21DL Star-01 CCTV IP Camera
      An Internet Protocol (IP) camera are high-resolution digital video cameras that can transmit data via an Ethernet cable to a Network Video Recorder (NVR), which can be recorded and monitored remotely. Another advantage of the IP configuration is the low cabling cost because the POE (Power Over Ethernet) uses CAT 6 cable used for both data and power transmission to the camera.  


      Typically, these cameras come with better clarity, higher picture quality, less noise, recording features and even wireless connectivity to save on infrastructure costs.  

      There’s also Wi-Fi cameras with respect to the connectivity method. But currently, conventional cameras are considered robust and efficient with recorders in both server or hard disk configurations. Based on the above two mechanisms, there are various camera casings form factors available. 

    • Dome Cameras 
      SC-21BL Classic CCTV Analog HD Camera
      These are most commonly used across indoor spaces. Its dome shape makes it difficult to tell which side the camera is facing to deter criminals. These cameras are helpful for interior places such as shops, reception areas and other indoor premises. These cameras have a sturdy built with vandal-proof or IK 10 rated casing to protect the electrical components from any physical threat to the camera unit.  


    • Eyeball Cameras  
      These are a type of dome-shaped camera that clearly display the eye of the lens. It offers broader coverage in smaller spaces and is suitable for indoor use.  


    • Bullet Cameras  
      TVSE SC-21BT Star-01 CCTV Bullet Camera
      Long and cylindrical in shape, these cameras specialise in long-distance viewing. These cameras are generally used for outdoor premises such as veranda, near the gate, around the building premise, parking area, etc.  


    • Thermal Image/Infrared Cameras  
      Critical infrastructures such as airports, warehouses and more can use these cameras to capture high-quality images day and night.  


  • PTZ Cameras  
    PTZ or Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras come with mechanical parts that allow swiveling, tilting, and zooming remotely. These are designed to monitor larger indoors that need 180 or 360-degree views. These are best suited for supermarkets, airports, construction sites, etc.  

Major benefits of CCTV camera systems  

  1. Crime Prevention
    Crime prevention with TVSE CCTV Solutions
    It’s no surprise that residential or commercial properties have a lot of footfalls. The ratio of the people that enter/exit these properties for various purposes is much higher than the number of security personnel guarding the place. CCTV Camera systems can complement manual surveillance and even cover blind spots that are generally difficult to monitor.  


    A close eye on the movement of people at every step ensures safety and prevents crime at the property. It also acts as a deterrent since having CCTV cameras on the premises can discourage criminals.  

  2. Surveillance
    Secure your home and office with TVSE CCTV Solutions
    Whether we are talking about commercial properties such as office buildings, retail outlets or residential areas, CCTV can help monitor ongoing activities. In case of vandalism or property damage occurs, the security team can quickly identify the perpetrators and take action against them. CCTV cameras are also helpful in locating missing luggage, searching stranded children in crowded places, monitoring compliance standards such as masks for Covid-19 protection, etc.  


    This is highly important for warehouses and sensitive areas such as airports where any slip-up can lead to a lot of damage. A multiple IP camera system with NVR can help monitor all-important spaces from one central location in real-time. 

  3. Ensure Smooth Business Operation
    Ensure Smooth Business Operation with TVSE CCTV Solutions
    Another aspect of using a CCTV system for small to medium businesses is improving customer experience. Having a CCTV view of the employee interaction with customers can help you measure the performance of your staff. It can also help resolve customer complaints if and when they arise. It helps keep a close watch on the cargo movement in small or medium warehouses, monitor activities at the retail billing counters and showroom entry/exit points.  


    For businesses that run 24 hours, having high-resolution IP cameras with analytics running in the background ensure smooth operation while keeping a close eye on illegal activities, if any. A thermal camera is useful to monitor employee temperature for Covid-detection.  

  4. Decision Making or Protection against Liability Lawsuits
    Protection against Liability Lawsuits with TVSE CCTV Solutions
    Lawsuits and false claims take time to resolve and even result in huge losses. These lawsuits can simply stem from neighbors or family members in residential properties and extend to employee lawsuits and customers filing wrongful complaints about businesses. CCTV systems that are monitoring and recording footage can come to the rescue of proving oneself innocent. It can even reduce employee harassment and serve as proof to take action against perpetrators.  


    Having CCTV systems installed in all key areas will even discourage people from filing lawsuits that have false allegations against you or your business.  

  5. Employee/Visitors Monitoring
    Employee and Visitors Monitoring with TVSE CCTV Solutions
    Another common benefit of a CCTV that can offer real-time surveillance and recording is monitoring activities and keeping track of what’s happening on the premises. It also helps track employee attendance, work ethics, number of breaks, and use of company resources. For residential spaces, it helps in monitoring deliveries, house cleaning and even misuse of elevators.  


Depending on your needs and property space, there are a host of CCTVs available for installation. We recommend the following from the TVS catalogue to cover every aspect of your CCTV needs. 

Indoor Spaces 

The SC-21EL Classic is an analog camera ideally suited for indoor spaces. It comes with HD recording capabilities and a cost-effective installation feature. They work the best when connected to classic DVRs such as SR-204L and SR-208L Classic series. 

The SC-21ET Star, SC-21EL Star and SC-21DL star are IP cameras with better picture quality and additional features that help monitor indoor spaces that need close surveillance. They can be combined with NVRs such as SR-504T Star, SR-508T Star and SR-509L Star.  

Outdoor Spaces 

For outdoor monitoring with minimal investment and small space, the analog bullet SC-21BL Classic works the best. They work the best when connected to classic DVRs such as SR-204L and SR-208L Classic series. When it comes to the security of larger outdoor spaces with the ability to surveil long-distance areas, the IP SC-21BT Star works the best. They can be combined with NVRs such as SR-504T StarSR-508T Star and SR-509L Star. 

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