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MP 22 2 Inch Mobile Printer

MP 22 2 Inch Mobile Printer

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MP 22 is a compact, lightweight, and high-performance 2-inch Impact Printer with 2100 mAh high-quality battery for exceptional battery backup. Its portable design, Bluetooth/USB connectivity, and wide compatibility make it a multifunctional printer. It prints effortlessly with Windows and Android operating systems.
1. Compact and Lightweight
2. Durable 2100 mAh battery
3. Interface: Bluetooth/USB
4. Handy & easily portable
5. Printing life: 1.5 million lines
6. Supports Windows, Android & iOS

      Portable & Compact Design
      Paper width – 58m
      Printing Speed -5.5mm/sec
      Interface: USB , Bluetooth
      Product Specification Details
      Power supply USB 5V charging
      Battery 7.4v-2100mah
      Printing life 1.5million lines
      Weight 200g (package included 500g)
      Size 120mm*100mm*50mm
      Interface Bluetooth & USB
      Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
      Printing method 8 needles unidirectional printing
      Printing Speed 5.5mm/s
      Print Width 48mm
      Paper Width 58mm
      Paper thickness 0.06-0.08mm
      Sensor Black mark sensor
      Installed Character ASII (8*16 12*24 16*32 24*48 32*64) GB13080 (13*13 24*2468*48)
      Instruction system ESCPOS
      Resolution 5 dot /mm
      Paper Cut Manually
      System Language English
      Support System Android/I0S/Windows/Win CE
      Paper type 2 page copy paper
      Paper roll Max 40mm
      Storage Temp -20 C–70 C
      Humidity 0-95%
      Packing List 1* printer 1*adapter 1* paper roll 1 box package

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